Yoga Beyond Cancer™

Yoga Beyond Cancer: Online Program

A yoga, meditation, and Self-care curriculum to empower you to live a life not defined by the diagnosis


in this program, you will

  • Learn tools and techniques to tap into the healing power of your mind

  • Gently strengthen your body, counter stiffness and tension, with gentle movement

  • Maintain and improve your physical and emotional balance through breath and meditation practices

  • Visibly improve the quality of each day

  • Give yourself whole-being support on your treatment journey

  • Access the course material from anywhere

  • Share these practices with your caregivers and loved ones to support their well-being

Program Structure

Five modules of audio and video yoga practices and writing practices.

  • The content is equivalent to over 20 private sessions

  • The program will give you options for months and years of practice

  • The program includes guidance on scheduling your practices, with weekly, daily, and intermediate options

Each module consists of

  • A 30-60 minute video gentle physical practice, building in strength over time

  • A 15-20 minute downloadable audio-guided breath and meditation practice

  • A set of journaling practices

  • A self-care ritual

  • Access to the instructor and others in the program via e-mail and a VIP Facebook community

    • Coming soon: live webinars with additional teachings for the program community

Scroll down for more details and client testimonials.

Irina’s yoga classes are embodied bliss. Her practice helps students experience true union (yoga) of body and spirit.
— Penelope Young Andrade, LCSW, Psychotherapist and Author of Emotional Medicine Rx

Program details 

  • Delivered through the website as recorded video, downloadable audio, and written prompts

  • Includes a comprehensive guide on how to schedule the curriculum for your needs

  • Bonus videos and a resources page with ideas for yoga props, music, and reading

  • The course progresses at your own pace, and the practices are powerful tools to be used for years to come, anywhere and in any circumstance

  • Full access to additional teachings via monthly blog posts

  • Exclusive access to book follow-up private sessions


  • $249 $149 one-time payment for unlimited access to all course materials on any platform, desktop or mobile


“I started working with Irina in 2014 after receiving treatment for breast cancer (double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation) and an unsuccessful reconstruction surgery.  I was still dealing with discomfort and stiffness from scar tissue and general muscle weakness and I needed to start getting back in shape. … Irina truly helped me recover both physically and mentally from my cancer treatment and in the process instilled in me a great appreciation for the benefits of yoga. Irina is a wonderful yoga teacher and I encourage anyone recovering from a difficult illness … to try her sessions and discover how a gentle yoga practice can benefit your recovery.”

—Mary C.


I feel that Irina has a wonderful gift of presenting yoga in a way that speaks to many, whatever they may be personally experiencing. I especially learned a lot about breath and breathing exercises and connecting breath to movement.  Irina is truly a caring and inspiring person, as well as a caring and wonderful yoga teacher.”

— Cathy B.


"Irina is a gem of a yoga teacher. She conveys a feeling of calm and well-being as she leads the [class] with strength and poise. She also provides many options for those less experienced in yoga so that they can progress along their individual path towards personal mastery."

Musicmary, La Jolla, CA


"Irina has been instrumental in … our “Yoga 4 Kids With Cancer” program since its inception in fall of 2011. Irina is professional and most dependable in her work at Rady’s Children’s Hospital.  Her compassion for kids with cancer has been inspiring. She is one of our leading teachers and now serves as our [program] Co-Coordinator. She has been a valuable asset to [the Foundation]!"

Gloria O’Shea, Executive Director, The Sean O’Shea Foundation


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